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Name: XAlva_sterX
Location: Neuschwanstein
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Hello this is Alva'ster. I like to socialize with others and share my knowledge. I study death, necromancy, demonology, sigils, and other things to understand the dark parts of our world. I do not cast for others nor do I believe in fluff(werewolves, fairies, growing wings and gaining super powers like fictional characters). I am running an organization known as The Proxinian Race. I believe that we have the ability to reform ourselves and change the future. I plan to gain social and political ground to overcome those who oppress others such as minorities and people that aren't accepted. I hope to fight my way to the top so I can achieve reformation within myself as a human and to change the course of our race. That is what it means to be a Proxy. To represent the very value of what we are and what we can become. I am not doing this fro a god or for admiration. I am doing this because I choose to. Our world needs to change so we can ascend to a new foundation. If you would like to become a follower in this campaign talk to me. Yeah no. If you are gonna ask me dumb questions or try to hit on me or even think to attack me in any way you are gonna get the block button a thousand times over and I will just treat you as someone who doesn?t exist. Please do not be underage and be sure to understand that I have no patience or tolerance for nonsense. Message me with ill intentions you will simply be blocked Relationship: free :P(not that it is important) I am only 19 turning 20 so don’t expect too much outta me