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Name: HildaChara
Location: Busy being the embodiment of hatred
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I am in the middle of a... drastic change. It seems like due to the current events in my life, and the trauma I've received, It seems like i'm changing not only in personality, but also reverting back to my state of coldness and hatred. In other words, don't be an imbecile and text me. I prefer to not have imbeciles talk to me, and try to annoy me. I am a Metal head, I indeed enjoy metal, and I also enjoy a multitude of things. Ranging from, anime, video games, music, ect. I prefer not letting the list go on because chances are, I won't even care too talk to you, let alone give you the opportunity to learn anything about me. Here is what I will let you know though. I'm a Satanist, and Paganist. I hate any, and all forms of Christians. I'd prefer you to not speak to me if you're one, because you'll be in for a rude awakening if you even think of trying to text me. Indeed it may sound rude, although that is it's intention. I do not want to speak with you, so save yourself the trouble and concern.