Becca's Mermaid Spell




This spell turns you into a mermaid in 1 hour.

Spell Casting

First off take a cup of water and put a piece of jewelry in the water and say this chant three times:


"Glass of the sea, make me what I wish to be make me a mermaid legs are not needed just a tail and one special power. I would like to have a tail the color of (tail color) and the special power I would like to have is to (power) water. I will get my tail and power in 1 hour. Rain shall not affect me but one drop of any other water will. A mermaid when wet a human when dry. You shall make my desire so please help me become what I wish to be I wish to be a mermaid. So Mote It Be."


That's the spell say it three times it doesn't matter if its day or night and then in 1 hour you'll get your tail and power.

Side effects are:

Legs itching, and sudden thirst.

Leave the piece of jewlery in the water for the following hour.
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