Bring Doll Life


Baby Doll
Necklace of her life (just a normal necklace)


This spell is simarlier to the woodin man spell this makes a babydoll come to life she will be able to walk, talk, and move. Just in three days.

Spell Casting

First make a cicrle on the floor with some rope and lay the doll on the rope and lay the necklace on the doll's body and say this chant three times:


"Great gods and goddesses I wish to make this doll come to life to make her be able to walk talk and move I wish to make her be realy to have a life and soul make my desire come ture make her real make it true. So mote it be!"


Say that three times and in three days the doll will come to life if you need any help on anything just mail me and I'll answer your questions.

There are side effects mail me and I'll tell you.
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