Vampire Spell


Candle (white)


This spell will make you a vampire. You will burn in the sunlight but only a little burning. I don't know how long it takes for you to become a vampire but it does work my friends tried it and it worked perfectly on them.

Spell Casting


Make up a pentagram and set in the middle of it. Close your eyes and focus on you being a vampire. Then say this chant ten times.


"I wish to be a vampire no longer amI a humanI wish to be a vampire. I live for blood. no longer shall I live the way others. I shall be a vampire at the strock of midnight tonight. I shall no longer be a human. I shall die and be reborn but not as human but as a vampire. Blood oh so red moonlight put me to bed. I am a vampire, I am a vampire, I am a vampire. I am no longer human. I wish to live forever without ever ageing.I wish to be immortal no longer mortal. I shall search the world for blood. So mote it be!"


Oh and set infront of the candle and after you say the chant blow out the candle. And leave it set in a window in the moonlight. And within five days you should be a vampire.
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