Awaken the Magic


Book of Shadows


A spell that will help you awaken your inner magic

Spell Casting

On monday take a bath or shower to help cleanse and purify your aura. Find a quiet place in your home so you can be undisturbed for half an hour . Sit down in front of a table . Close your eyes and take a deep breaths.

Open your eyes .With the pen draw a rectangel in the book of shadows. Now look into the rectangel and imagine it is doorway and you are steping through the door into a sunny garden full of your favorite plants and herbs and say: " to the left and right of me, above and below me, I awaken the spirit of nature and magic within me."

When you feel ready come back through the door and close the book of shadows as you say: "I am a wonderful child of the universe, and so will it be."
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