Gender Swap


A pink candle
Women's clothing
A blue candle
Men's clothing


Change your gender in a flash.

Spell Casting

To turn from a guy into a girl, first rub the powder on your skin till your skin becomes silky soft. Then, put on the clothes and wig. Lastly, light the candle and chant these words: "I wish to be free. I wish to be what I want to be. Give me long hair, give beauty, give me grace. Allow me to lose what I don't want and gain the stuff a womans got. Give a voice like a baby bird and make it beautiful like nothing thats ever been heard".

To turn from a girl into a guy, put on the men's clothing, light the candle and chant: "I wish to be free. I wish to be what I want to be. Give me a short hair, and a body with muscles that flair. Give me a handsome face and remove my womanly grace. Let me lose what I don't want, and gain the stuff a man has got. Deepen my voice and give me strength. Help me reach that special place".
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