Volatile Love Spell


1 red or pink candle
A handful or more of red rose petals
A piece of blank paper
A piece of rose quarts
A pen


A spell to bring you love!

Spell Casting

Take the petals and scatter in a circle around you, then step into the circle of petals and place the candle in front of you and light it. Then hold the rose quarts above the flame and say: "let this rite begin!" and place the rose infront of you. Hold your hands above the crystal.

Chant this 3 times:
"By goddess name and goddess will,
by Aphrodite's power,
let his heart no longer be still."

Wave your hands above the candle and and then replace over the quartz.
"Candles power, and candles light,
sift my love into his heart.
and let the spell work its might."
Channel the love into this stone,
whence he takes forth,
he will no longer be alone!"

Now write yours and his name onto the piece of paper, and say:
"Incase of untimely problems arisen,
keep the names and the petals,
to release him from his unearthly prison!!!"

If you wish to reverse the spell, the petals and the names on the paper must be burned by the light of a red candle.But bear in mind that this spell is not always reversible, especially if it backfires, then you must use a different spell to remove the charm.

When burning the paper and the petals repeat these words:
"To reverse my rite, already spoken,
I awake the powers that must be awoken,
twist the lines, and burn the facts,
reverse all unwanted magical acts!"

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