Rosemary Herbal Tea


Any amount of sugar
A pot and water


Its a tea that brings success, health, prosperity, strength, love, purifying.

Spell Casting

Start to pour water in your pot. Shortly after add in any amount of rosemary that you would like. Let the water come to a boil then turn of the stove so the water stops boiling or you can keep boiling the rosemary water for as long as you like as long as you dont over do it so keep the magickal properties of the rosemary in the water. Water evaporates and rise, with that follows the properties of the rosemary that was added and thats a no no. You can strain the water so you dont drink down the rosemary or leave it as it is and pour it into a cup. Add any amount of sugar you'd like and drink.

NOTE: All properties and magickal advancements given to you by the tea will come fast or slow depending on the person and there belief in the teas magickal helping abilities.
Blessed Be!
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