4 Blue Candles
1 Purple Candle
Lavender Linen Water


Creates a protection ring around an area of your choosing.

Spell Casting

Find a spot directly under the full moon in the are you want to protect. Pour the linen water in a circle big enough to sit in. Place the four blue candles in a square inside the circle. Hold the purple candle and sit in the circle square and cross your legs. Lite your purple candle and use the purple candle to light the other candles clockwise or counter clockwise.

Then focus on the area you want to protect while saying these words four times (spell is in latin): "Luna et sidera caeli, haurientes potentia eieci tutela a malis, alica patrocinium" Translation: "Drawing power from the moon sky and srars I cast this protection spell to sheild this place from evil"
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