Curage Chant


Not being stupid


Gives you curage, duh.

Spell Casting

When you feel intimidated or threatened, trace the rune Tyr (t) upon your chest with your right index finger to invoke the god Tyr. Close your right hand into a fist and strike yourself sharply in the center of the chest to kill your fear, then cast your hand in front of you and stiffly open your fingers to throw the fear away from you. As you trace the rune and strike yourself with your fist, murmur under your breath this invocation to Tyr, the northern god of courage:


"Tyr came, (Pit of throat to navel)
Chained the wolf, (Pit of throat to right nipple)
Kept the oath, (Pit of throat to left nipple)
Killed the fear. (Strike chest and cast right hand away)."
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