To Banish A Fear


Sheet of paper
Pure intention to get over your particular fear
Pure concentration/focus
Plant pot with a plant occupying its space


The title is very straightforward, so you shouldn't have any trouble figuring out what this spell is used for.

Spell Casting

1.) Write "I am fearless" on the very top of the paper (as close to the edge as you can get it) until you cannot write it anymore.

2.) Then write this affirmation the same way on all the other sides of the paper until you create sort of a "box" around the area of the page.

3.) Next, write your fear in the middle of the page.

4.) As you look over your fear on the page surrounded by the fearless affirmation to snuff it out, chant this over the finished page:



"In this box I place my fear,

To send it far away from here.

Do not let me deviate,

From my mission, nor my fate.

Banish that which holds me back,

So I can get things back on track."



5.) Take the paper and fold it "hamburger-style" (short end to short end), and as it's newly folded fold it again in its folded form "hotdog-style" (long end to long end).

6.) Take your twice-folded paper and place it under an occupied plant pot as you visualize the plant absorbing and grounding your fear, leaving you completely free of this particular fear.

7.) After about 30-35 minutes, take the paper out from under the plant pot and throw the paper away. Thank the plant for all its graceful and healing aid in your Magick.

8.) Now feel, sense the new control and power you have over what you had particularly feared before.


**NO guarantees this spell will work for everyone: If your fear is initially too strong to overcome using Magick then you will need to take a mundane, normal approach to it and deal with it. Afterward, this spell can be used to erase any last remnants of the fear, and/or just to make sure the fear stays away for good.
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