Faster Wound Healing


Green Candle (optional)


This is a spell that quickens the healing power of the cells of the body, not like instant healing but considerably faster.

Spell Casting

Sit in a comfortable position. If you are using a candle, place it on your right. Place your hands over the wound and close your eyes. Visualize your hand glowing with bright green energy, then charge the candle with that energy and burn it.

Gather the healing energy in your hand again. This time, send it into the wound and as the healing energy enters visualize the cells around the wound glowing bright green. Speak out loud: "With energy green, I make it clean. Heal (name) with the energy taken from me. So mote it be".

Now visualize the wound closing and pass the flame of the candle near the wound so the person will feel the flame.
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