Overall Weather Stopper


About 1 tea spoon of rain water
A single white candle
2 black candles
A plant
A bit of dry dirt


This spell is to be able to stop all storms from affecting your town/city/house-hold.

Spell Casting

First collect about a tea spoon of rainwater and poor it in a small cup (bowl is fine). Get some grass (leaves are fine) and put them in the rain water chanting: "As rain may come and go, please this time. Don't let it show. As all may know, Don't let it show."

Then get some dry dirt and mix it with the grass and rain water Then light your 2 black candles (On each side of the mixture). And recite: "From moon to sun, I call apon you. Take this weather away from us. Do not let it touch us."

Now light your single white candle and wave it over the mixture and put it down in front of the mixture. Blow the candles out and the weather shall not touch or harm you.

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