SUPER easy relaxtion


-pointer finger


this is not really a spell but it will diffenitly help with meditating n relaxing before a spell

Spell Casting

first, u must take ur pointer finger and place it at the edge of ur eyebrow where the bridge of ur nose starts.
then, keep it there and take a deep slow breath
then put ur pointer finger at the corner of ur eye where the faces edge is
keep it there and take a deep breath
then put ur finger under ur eye and take a deep breath
then take ur finger and put it above ur upper lip and below ur nose. take a deep breath.
then put ur finger under ur lower lip then take a deep breath.
now ur done! it is easy and simple and can be done anywhere!

NOTE: this is not mine but from another website!
plz mail me n tell me if it works it might be in my head but it worked try, rate, and mail plz -ty :D
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