Love Binding Potion


Holy Water
4 Cleaned Rose Petals (red or pink)
Peice of paper
Red ink pen


Make a person fall in love with you!

Spell Casting

Put the holy water in a glass. Then, draw a big heart on the paper. Write your name and then his/her name. Put the glass on top of the paper. Say:

"There is a guy/girl out there,
Who wont notice me.
Make him/her look,
Make him/her see,
Who I am,
who I can be."

Then, say

"I add these 4 rose petals.
One for luck
One for love
One for Peace(
And the last one,
For me and him/her to be together

Stir the potion and take the rose petals out. place the petals around the glass. Drink it up, and in a few days, he/she will ask you out, or you ask him out.
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