Bless An Item


the item you want to bless
rope or string
sun or moonlight
memory of you doing something good
your voice


Many spells need blessed items and this is how to bless an item.

Spell Casting

Tie one end of the rope/string to your item and the other item to your finger. Go outside and hold the item up to the sun/moon, think of a time when you did something good (gave the poor money, help the disabled, etc.), and repeat these words: "Oh, angels in heaven give me the power upon my kindness to bless an item mighty. Give it the power to help those in need whilst I repeat the words of thou mighty saints. Give me the power to bless". Then, keep holding the item under the sun/moon for 1 minute and after keep the item clutched in your hand for another minute, while keeping your thoughts on that memory. Then, your item will be blessed until you pass on. (Warning: If you miss a step, do a step incorrectly, or say the spell wrong, the blessing will backfire and the item will be cursed. So be careful.)
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