Destroy Beauty Hex


Photograph of the person you are hexing
Bowl of water


Very effective and simple hex to punish an enemy by causing them to become ugly and unattractive. I've used this one once before, it takes time to work but it does.

Spell Casting

Direct your energies at the water and earth. Visualize them combining and being shapable and moldable as mud. Imagine the water allowing the earth to be shaped and changed by your will. Now, release your energy into them to charge them while still thinking about this. Combine the two elements, making mud. Taking the photograph of the person you seek to punish, spread the mud on the face. Visualize the changes to this person's appearance you wish to take place (teeth becoming crooked or discolored, becoming excessivley fat, etc) and release energy into the photograph to lock the changes. finally, tear up the photograph and submerge the pieces in the bowl of mud. stir it until the pieces have become saturated and broken up within the bowl. If you want to add a little final touch to this, take the bowl and dump it out in a swamp or bog, but this is optional. Now, just be patient. These changes will occur very slowly over time, and may keep going for many years.
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