1 Mind with vizualization ability
1 or more whole (not ground), green Leaf/ves, preferably a tea leaf/ves
1 Qi pool, life energy
1 Mind with ability to control qi well
1 Set of working vocal cords


It is used for healing and speeding up the healing of minor cuts, srapes, and wounds on one's body. Bira is a self-oriented spell. It is a great spell to have if you cut yourself or for everyday, household hazards.

Spell Casting

If you are cut minor, gather appropriate ingredients together.

Hold arm down at side.

Picture a "funnel" of Qi forming in your wrist.

  • The large end of the funnel should be on the side nearest the "shoulder", the small end on the side nearest the palm.

Allow Qi to flow from arm into funnel, and collect in hand in a "puddle" of sorts.

Hold your hand out straight in front of you, palm up.

Place [tea] leaf (leaves) in hand.

Cup hand, palm still up.

Bring cupped hand to mouth.

Whisper or say quietly into your hand "Bira" whilst focusing on not only the leaf/ves, but also visualize a forest.

Focus on drawing healing energy from the leaf/ves and the forest.

Build sensation in hand, visualize energy wrapping around your hand as a greenish glow.

Slowly move hand back and forth over cut, picturing the wound "sewing" itself back together, using your Qi as the "needle".

If this does not sew the cut up instantly, it does not mean it did not work; this is not a fairy tale. More than likely it will simply speed up the healing process (no, I do not mean ridiculously fast either). Once you get good enough at it, you will begin to see a physical manifestation of Bira, and cuts may begin to close up at a visibly faster rate. For this to occur, it takes much practice (I do not mean "much" as in hours or days; I mean "much" as in possibly months, but more than likely years). Bira will cause your hand [whilst doing it] to have a green glow around it. If you can see aura/have your Third Eye/Ajna Chakra open, then you will see the greenish glow (in the astral). If you are able to physically manifest the spell and/or cause a visibly faster rate of healing to occur, then your hand will literally have a greenish "aura" around it (no this is not your literal aura either).


Disclaimer and Additional Information:

  • This spell does not warrant self laceration to practice it.
  • There is a 99.9% chance that if you do this spell, you will not physically see or feel the effects of it, there is no "number of times" you can do the spell for it to physically manifest--you may never see a physical manifestation of it.
  • Serious wounds should be treated by a doctor, do not attempt to perform this spell in lieu of a doctor visit.
  • In my profile's "photo" section, you will see a drawing of what this spell looks like, as well as the stages of how you do it (marked S1-S9 ["Steps"] , respectively).
  • Do NOT complain that it does not work, like anything else magickal, it takes practice.
  • Having good Qi control helps with your success.
  • The purpose of funneling your Qi is so that it will not be easy for it to run back up your arm.
  • Pictures/Diagrams are for demonstration, theory, and method purposes only. Do not expect results same as pictures/diagrams.
  • My photographs are public.
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