Summon a Spirit


2 pentacles, one for the entity you summon and one for you.
Appropriate runes for binding the entity and not allowing it to do you harm.
Appropriate herbs, incense and candles particular to the entity you are summoning.
A clear unwavering voice.
The "Name" of the entity you are summoning.


To summon a spirit into a pentacle.

Spell Casting

To summon a spirit you must first arrange two pentacles or pentagrams on the ground, a large one for the spirit you wish to summon and a smaller one to protect you in case the spirit attempts to kill you. Decorate these pentacles with appropriate runes for protecting yourself and binding the spirit to your will. Place and light candles, incense, herbs, and bowls of oil inside and outside the pentacle. These must be particular to the type of entity you wish to summon, to placate them and bind them to your will.

To prepare to call the entity, you must first stand in the smaller pentacle set aside for you, being careful not to smudge or scratch the lines or the runes so the spirit you summon cannot attack you. Then, in an unwavering voice, call out an invocation of the spirit. I have worked out two such invocations.

The first invocation goes as such : "Age nunc, daemonium a regno spirituali. Per te venire per virtutem horum verborum hic elementorum in porta nisl. Bound in punctis tu eris super terram stellam et dolor vel qualis in casu conaris percute me mortuum. Donec fenerabit tibi proderit me malum non facietis me. Forma, esse in rebus materialibus. Iam mihi per vos nomen tuum verum!"

The second invocation reads: "Adveho iam , everto , ex vestri phasmatis regnum. Per vox illorum lacuna permissum vos adveho per elementum porta in is hic typicus. Reus vos vadum exsisto per cuspis of astrum quod typicus humi in theca vos rudimentum plactum mihi vel meus pius mortuus. Vos vadum commodo vestri muneris ut mihi quod vos vadum operor mihi haud peius. Vultus , ut futurus in meus materia regnum. EGO iam dico vos ut mihi per vestri verus nomen!"

After both invokations you must call the spirit by name three times and then wait for the power that you channeled through the words to reach the entity and compell it to come into the pentacle.

Once bound, the spirit can be commanded once or, if you worked a spell to do such, multiple times until it is dismissed. You can also add some latin into the invocation to bid the spirit into an object if you so desire.

For those of you who wish to know the English translation for these invocations, here it is:


"Come now, demon, from your spiritual realm. Through the power of these words let you come through the elemental gate into this here pentacle. Bound you shalt be by the points of the star and the runes on the ground in case you attempt to strike me or my kind dead. You shall lend your service to me and you shall do me no ill. Form, to exist in my material realm. I now call you to me by your true name!"



"Pentacle" and "runes" had no Latin translation so to translate I substituted "symbol".

Warning: Do not attempt to summon anything larger than you are SURE you can control. Many spirits do not like to be summoned and thus, feel inclined to violence towards anyone who summons them especially if there is a mispronunciation or misspelling that throws the magic off balance. Also, do not attempt to cause harm with spirits you summon as this, aside from being immoral, provides many spirits the opportunity to hurt you instead.
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