Instant Vampire


Human Blood
Clean Cup
Full Moon


A spell to instantly become a vampire.

Spell Casting

Start a flame outdoors in the moonlight. Put the cauldron on the flame and add 1 pint of human blood that isn't yours. Boil the blood until steam rises and you can smell the blood. Pour all the blood into the cup and drink all of it without any disturbances. Drink the blood hot. You are still not an official vampire.

Say " I make a lifetime commitment to be neither living nor dead ". Once you say this into moonlight you are now a vampire and there is no way out. If you would like would like one more chance to become a human once more you can take one bite into garlic and you are transformed back. If you choice to do this a second there are consequences and it is permanent.


  • Not finding blood and dying
  • Children becoming vampires also
  • Sudden Death
  • Skin paleness immediately after spell is done.
  • Speed
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