Boyfriend or Girlfriend
Blanket (pink or blue light colored)
Pen (Permanent Black)
Silver Cup
Wooden Spoon
3 Candles (Red, White, and Blue)
Holy Water
Dried Rose Petals
Bronze Pitcher


Gives couples who want babies but can't have them or don't want sexual intercourse, a baby.

Spell Casting

Get your girlfriend or boyfriend in one room with you. In complete silence take out either a pink blanket symbolizing a girl baby or a blue blanket symbolizing a boy baby. Take your permanent black pen and draw a pentagram. Put the pentagram in the middle of the blanket, then put the silver cup on top of it. Take the pen and let the girl write her name first on the paper with the pentagram on it. Then the boy must take the pen and write his name on the paper. Writing the name on the pentagram will have the spiritual power know the couple that wants the baby. Take out all three candles and put them in a line to the right side of the couple. Do not put the candles on the blanket unless you have a metal plate for the candles to be put on. Use the lighter to light the candles. Take the holy water and pour it in the silver glass without spilling a drop. Let the women take the rose petals and crunch it up until it is just crumbs of rose petals. After the petals are crunched put them in the silver cup. Then the boy must take the wooden spoon and mix the dried rose petals in the holy water until the rose petals are covered in water. The the boy with his own hands must take the holy water and lather it on his girlfriend's stomach. The girl will then concentrate on the pentagram sign. As the boy rubs it on the girl's stomach he too must think of the pentagram sign. After five minutes the girl will pull down her shirt covering her belly. The boy and girl must join hands, even though the boy's hands are wet, and chant these words:


"Baby Baby come to me,
Baby Baby Mote it be.
God will give you life with me,
Baby Baby mote it be.
Life with you will be so good,
playing games and building wood.
You'll be ours and you will see,
Baby Baby mote it be."


After saying this once, the woman will become pregnant in a matter of 24 hours. This spell is for couples who cannot have babies or for couples who don't want to go through sexual intercourse. This spell will make the female pregnant and she can still keep her virginity.

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