Real Mermaid Spell


1 Cup of Salt
A clean sharp item
Small class cup


To become a mermaid with a tail just like H20 just add water.

Spell Casting

This spell includes using blood so anyone who is desperate enough to be a mermaid may read it, anyone who may be squeemish about blood should not use this spell.

1. Fill up your bathtub halfway with water.
2. Take 1 cup of salt and pour 3/4 of it in the bath tub.
3. Do not touch the water (not yet anyway).
4. Take the clean sharp item and make a little cut on your leg.
5. Take one drop of your blood and put it in the small glass cup.
6. Pour 1/4 of the salt into the cup with the blood.
7. Fill the glass up with sink water.
8. Mix the ingridients with your finger.
9. Get into the bathtub with the potion in your hand.
10. Chant these words while clutching the potion:

"This potion I hold in the clutch of my hand,
will part me to see and no longer land.
As I touch the water a tail will appear,
I will be human on land with no fear.
As I drink this potion I will have no feet,
until I get dry, mote it be, mote it be."



After you chant these words you will notice there is no tail. Not to worry! To obtain your tail you must wait 2 weeks. Some people will get lucky and the more you believe the luckier you are. The lucky people I have tested this potion with became a mermaid in 2-3 days! But others didn't believe that much so it took longer for them to develope their tail and power. You will obtain a power too but you do not get to choose. It may be a power like being able to communicating with fish in the sea, or controlling sea life, etc.


There are a few side effects and just to be cautious and to look ahead, the side effects are: Itchy legs, legs change color, you smell like fish, need for water, legs feel rough, legs stick together, you get mermaid dreams, visions, have the need for salt, need to swim in water, take more baths than the average human (3 times a day), begin to understand sea life (like fish, manatees, ect.), start to swim like a fish, splash in a bathtub, lose your balance, fall in the shower, have moments where you breath underwater, have moments where you see clearly under salt water or any other water, breath heavy on land, when falling on the floor or laying down you start flapping your legs, constant hunger for sea food, have the feeling you want to collect shells, and seduce more men.

If you have any of these side effects you will soon gain your h20 just add water tail and yes it does include the bikini top with it. Some people are really lucky and obtain their power first before tail. Some people get their tail first and have obtained these side effects for their power. Either way it will end out good in tail and power. Also, some people maybe you may get more than one power. It just depends.
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