Mana Shield


1 plate
1 blue candle
5 white candles
sea salt


Call dragons to form a protective barrier.

Spell Casting

Cast your Circle and place the plate in front of you.
Set up the blue candle in the center and place the five white candles around it where the points of a pentacle would be.
Light the blue candle and say:
'Guardian Dragons, hear me and protect me.'
Light the lower right candle and say:
'Dragons of the earth and sea, give your protection unto me.'
Light the lower left candle and say:
'Dragons of the wind and fire, protect myself and my spirit higher.'
Light the upper right candle and say:
'Dragons of the light, protect me with your sight.'
Light the upper left candle and say:
'To Dragons of the darkest night, I pray you protect me with all your might.'
Light the top candle and say,
'Spirit Dragons, hear my plea, I call you now to protect me.'
Sprinkle the salt on the edge of the plate and imagine yourself surrounded by a bubble of sparkling blue energy.
Before closing the circle, say:
'Thank you, Dragons, one and all, for coming to aid me by my call.'
Close the circle.
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