Crystal Protection Spell


1 bowl of salt
1 stick of incense of your choice
1 red or white candle
1 bowl of water
1 object to be enchanted.


Create a protective charm using some common ritual materials.

Spell Casting

Start by casting your circle.

Pass the object through the flame of the candle and say "By fire be cleansed"

Pass the object through the smoke from the incense and say "By air be cleansed"

Sprinkle the object with the water and say "By water be cleansed"

Sprinkle the object with some of the salt and say "By earth be cleansed"

Visualize the energies of those four elements, and surround yourself with them, using them as a protective barrier. Now, take those energies and envision them being absorbed into the object. Now, that object holds those protective energies. Carry the object with you in whatever manner you choose.
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