Black candle
White candle
Paper (any)


Cast this spell to give someone nightmares.

Spell Casting

Find a desk or work on the floor and set up your station. Black and white candles should be apart in a line with the bowl in the middle. Now take the paper and pen and write your enemies name in the center. Next, draw a circle around it with 4 lines coming out of the circle from north, south, east and west.

Now relax and light the candles and as doing so imagine light and dark smashing into each other. Once done fold the paper up and hold it above the bowl. Chant "spirit, spirit, spirit, send thee shadow to (enemies name), and torment him for the night, return upon recall, and be sent back into thee gates of darkness".

After being said blow out the white candle and imagine the dark overpowering the white. Once done pick up the black candle and move it over the bowl. Now burn the paper and let the ashes fall into the bowl. Now blow out the black candle but imagine its flame growing inside you. Now the thing you summoned will torment your enemy for the night.
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