Bay Leaves Spell


3 bay leaves
Paper or parchment
Pen Candle


This spell uses plant magic and fire to achieve its purpose. The bay leaf possesses powerful magical properties. The first part is best done at the time of the New Moon, and the result will often have come to pass by the time of the Full Moon.

Spell Casting

Write down your intent to change your behaviour three times on the paper, repeating the wish aloud. Place the bay leaves on the paper.

Fold the paper into thirds and visualize your wish coming true. Now fold the paper into thirds once again and hide it away in a dark place. Keep visualizing your behaviour changing as you do this.

Once you are satisfied with your new behaviour, light the candle and burn the paper in the flame as a thank you. Allow the candle to burn out. Bay promotes wisdom, so protects you from making mistakes. This is obviously a spell best done in private. You should never reveal your intent to others, so be very clear that the intent is for the Greater Good.
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