Stop Gossip


A sample of the person’s handwriting
A jar with a screw top lid
Wax to seal it


This spell utilizes representational magic and is a way to stop malicious gossip. It is useful in a workplace environment where almost inevitably factions arise and people become embroiled. All that is necessary is to identify the ring leader.

Spell Casting

Place the sample of handwriting or paper in the jar and screw it tightly shut. Carry this away from the offending person.

If the badmouthing does not stop immediately, take the jar and seal it with the wax saying: "Gossip and ill-feeling begone. Trouble us no more". This should have the desired effect. When the difficulty is clearly past remove the paper from the jar and burn it.

Do not use the jar again for magical purposes. Remember with this spell that you are not binding the person, you are stopping their specific action, so releasing the paper means you are indicating that you are no longer involved with, or troubled by, them. They must be free to go their own way. Also try to make sure that you do not get involved in other gossip.
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