A-Wish Afloat


A twig or small branch of your choice
A bridge across a stream or river


This spell uses plant or rather tree magic and running water to convey the energy. It also uses the art of visualization and can be very effective in manifestation spells, particularly if you get to know your tree correspondences. Ideally it should be done at the time of the New Moon.

Spell Casting

In order not to disturb the Nature Spirits or harm the tree, strictly you should use a twig that has already fallen off the tree. Remember that Mother Nature appreciates a gift as much as you do, so wherever possible be prepared to share with the spirit of the tree.

Shape the twig as much as you need to according to the wish you intend to make. When you feel the time is right stand on the bridge or rock and link with the spirit of water.

Say why you have come, using words such as:"Tonight I come to you with a small request. Carry for me now my desire out into the open sea. That I may (state your request)".

Concentrate on what you want to wish for and see it in your minds eye. Repeat the words above aloud. Now throw the twig as far upstream or into the tide as you can.

As the twig floats past you repeat the request again and ask for a blessing from the appropriate tree spirit. This way of working combines the spirit of the tree with the spirit of water and means that you have some pretty powerful energy available to you.

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