Magical Writing


Paper (either real parchment or parchment type)
Quill pen
Ink in the correct colour for your request
Candle, again in the correct colour for your request Appropriate incense


This spell magically charges the paper and ink you will use in some of your spells. If the request in your spell is to increase something, it is done between New Moon and Full. To minimize or get rid of something then it should be done during the Dark of the Moon or when the Moon is on the wane.

Spell Casting

Light the candle and the incense (for instance, use green for fertility or money and perhaps blue for healing). Write out your request carefully. Some people will write it three times, others nine. Simply do what feels right for you.

Hold the paper in the smoke from the incense for as long as feels right. Fold the paper into three and place it under the candle. Let the candle burn out, but just before it does burn the paper in the flame.

Alternatively, you might bury the paper in fresh earth and allow time to work slowly. As you become more proficient your intuition to guide you. This spell relies on a principle similar to that of sending a letter to Santa Claus. The magically charged paper can also be used to address the gods by name and can be used for yourself and on behalf of others. If you petition for others, however, do not tell them what you are doing, as it nullifies the good. Using magically charged paper and ink can become an integral part of your spell making.

You may like to have some ready prepared and charged paper and ink so that as your knowledge of symbolism increases, rather than writing out your request in longhand, you can use symbols to signify your desires. You might, for instance, use a key to symbolize your need for a house, the picture of an anvil to suggest partnership and a sheaf of corn to suggest abundance. You could also use symbolic languages such as the runes.
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