To Break a Curse


Cleansing incense such as benzoin or Dragons Blood
Black candle (to represent the negativity)
White candle (for positivity)
A sachet containing equal parts of:
St. John’s Wort
Your athame
Bowl of water
Bowl of salt
Glass or china plate


There are various ways to break a curse or a malicious spell. Here you use an object to represent the curse, incense to clear it and an incantation to deflect it. You then allow natural forces to do their work.

Spell Casting


  • Light the incense and candles and place them on your altar (black on left, white on right).
  • Pass the sachet through the incense smoke and put it on one side.
  • Hold the lemon in both hands and allow the lemon to signify the negativity. Think of all the negative things that have happened to or around you and push them into the lemon, particularly if you suspect they are associated with the curse.
  • Put the lemon on the plate.
  • Dip your knife or athame in the water then slice the lemon into three pieces.
  • Touch each piece of lemon with the tip of the athame.
  • As you do this, repeat the following: Three times three, Now set me free
  • Visualize the lemon drawing the negativity away from you and into itself.
  • As you do this, repeat: As sour as this lemon be
Charged and cut in pieces three
With salt and water I am free
Uncross me now, I will it be.
Lemon sour, lemon sour Charged now with power Let this lemon do its task
It’s cleansing power I do ask
As this lemon dries in air.
Free me from my dark despair.
Uncross! Uncross! I break this curse
But let not my simple spell reverse
I wish no ill, nor wish him pain
I wish only to be free again.
  • Take each lemon slice and dip it in the salt, making sure it is well coated.
  • Set the slices back on the altar and say: As it is my will, so mote it be.
  • Leave the lemon pieces on the altar where they can dry. Once dry the spell is complete and the lemon can be thrown away or buried.
  • If however the fruit rots instead, you must repeat the spell. While waiting for the fruit to dry, keep the sachet with you at all times. It will help to protect you from the effects of the spells and turn away any negativity sent in your direction.
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