Pet Protection Spell Bottle


Wine bottle
Small jar of soil
Small jar of salt
Bay leaf
Tablespoon of dill seeds
Tablespoon of fennel seeds
White taper candle
Your burin or a pin
Carnelian stone


Pets can be particularly sensitive to atmosphere so it is wise, if you do a lot of spell work which deals with negativity, to protect them against being inadvertently contaminated. The herbs and candle work do this very efficiently.

Spell Casting

  • Put half the soil into the bottle.
  • Add half the salt on top of that (to make layers).
  • Next add the bay leaf and the dill and fennel seeds.
  • Put the rest of the salt on top of this and the rest of the soil on top of the salt. Drop the carnelian stone on top of everything.
  • On the taper candle Use the burin or pin to carve the word: Protect [pets name]
  • Fit the candle into the top of the bottle. If it is too big, wedge it in or warm the bottom slightly until it stays securely by itself.
  • Burn the candle when convenient. You don’t have to burn it all down at once, but eventually the candle will burn itself out.
  • When the candle will not stay lit any longer but forms a plug for the top of the bottle, put the spell bottle near the place your pet spends most of his or her time. If you are fearful that your pet may be stolen, add a sprig of rosemary to the herbs in the bottle. You can expect to become very aware of your pet’s wellbeing in the light of this spell. Conditions you have not previously noticed may become apparent.
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