To Reverse Negativity or Hexes


Purple candle
Rosemary oil
White paper
Black ink
Fire-proof dish such as your cauldron or an ashtray


Try this candle spell using the element of Fire to reverse any negativity or hexes you become aware of being sent in your direction. Anger from others can often be dealt with in this way, but deliberate maliciousness may require more force. You need to be as dispassionate as you can when dealing with a hex, which is defined as ‘an evil spell’.

Spell Casting

Visualize all blocks in your life-path being removed. Anoint your candle with the oil. On the piece of paper write in black ink: "All blocks are now removed". Fold the paper three times away from you. Light the candle and burn the paper in your dish.

Invoke the power of Fire and its Elemental spirits by repeating three times: "Firedrakes and salamanders, Aid me in my quest, Protect me from all evil thoughts. Turn away and send back this hex". After the third repetition close the spell in whatever way is appropriate for you.

A simple statement is enough: "Let it be so". No-one has the right to curse or malign another person and all you are doing with this spell is turning the negativity back where it belongs. When you use the power of Fire you are harnessing one of the most potent forces of the universe, so be sure you use it wisely and well.
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