Animal Stones


A pleasantly shaped stone or piece of wood
Paints and brushes
Decorations such as beads and ribbons
Glue or fixative
Incense such as benzoin or frankincense
A small box


The ancients were very good at perceiving shapes in stones and wood and believed that such shapes could be made to hold the spirit of the animal ‘trapped’ in such a way. Many artists today are still able to do this, and we too as magic makers can make use of this art. When on your wanderings you find an interesting stone or piece of driftwood, look at it with fresh eyes and turn it into a fetish – the correct meaning of which is an object that is believed to have magical or spiritual powers.

Spell Casting

Light the incense Sit quietly with your object and let it speak to you. Allow the ideas to flow as to what it might become your totem animal, a bear, a horse or perhaps a dog or cat.

Decorate the object appropriately, taking care to enhance the natural shaping rather than to change it. You can now consecrate it in one of two ways.

Pass the object quickly through the smoke of the incense three times to empower it with the spirit of the animal.

Place it in the box with an appropriate image or herbs and bury it for three days or place it on your altar for the same period.

This allows the metamorphosis to take place and the spirit of the animal to enter your now magical object. It is now ready for use, perhaps to help you access the wisdom of the animals, as a healing device or for protection.

Ancients believed that the fetish must be fed appropriately so that it retained its magical powers. Today, corn is an appropriate food, as is pollen, although you can use your imagination, since it is your creation. Should you not feed (energize) it for a period you may need to consecrate it again for it to work properly.
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