Weaving Success


Three equal lengths of ribbon
A large safety pin


Success The use of ribbons is an extension of knot magic and is often usedin binding or protection spells. However, this one is an unobtrusive way of enhancing the energy of your business as well as ensuring its security. Braiding three strands links us with the triple-aspected Great Mother – Maid, Mother, Crone.

Spell Casting


Pin the three ribbons together at the top to make braiding easier. Braid the ribbons neatly together. As you do so, repeat the following words as often as you feel is right remembering the significances of the colours: "Great Mother, Great Mother; Come to me now as these strands weave and become one. May this business grow."

Now loop the braid around the front door handle so that anyone who comes into the business must pass it. You should find that the qualities you have woven into the business begin to bring results very quickly. Combinations of different colours will have different results; red will bring vitality and willpower, orange success and prosperity through creativity and yellow communication, mental power and wealth.

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