To Create Opportunity


A bowl of sand (to represent the earth)
Green cloth
Needle and thread
Pen Cinnamon or cedar incense
Dried camomile, vervain or squill
Mint and honeysuckle oil


This spell appeals to the Roman goddess Ops who used to be petitioned by sitting down and touching the Earth with one hand, since she was a deity of prosperity, crops and fertility.During the Full Moon, using sympathetic magic, a wish doll (poppet) representing health and happiness is made to draw opportunities towards you.

Spell Casting

Make a poppet out of the cloth .While concentrating on the opportunities available to you, write your name on the poppet and stuff it with the dried herbs that have had a few drops of the oils added. Sew the figure shut.

Light the incense. Hold the poppet in the incense smoke. Say: "Goddess of opportunity, Bring good fortune now to me Guide me by your gentle hand For I am as worthy as these grains of sand".

Let the sand trickle through your fingers to signify touching the earth. Repeat this an odd number of times (seven works very well). Keep your poppet safe, you do not have to have it with you at all times, just with your possessions or papers.

For the spell to continue to work, renew it every Full Moon. This is a good spell to use for business opportunities, since the poppet can be kept unobtrusively in a drawer or cupboard and hopefully will become imbued with the excitement of your day-to-day work. It can also be used when you wish to enhance your career prospects.
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