Success in Finding a Job


1 tsp ground cinnamon
1 tsp ground ginger
1 tsp ground lemon balm
Few drops of bergamot oil


When you submit a job application, manuscript for publication, or anything that requires paper there are several things that you can do, using herbs and crystals as well as some techniques based on ancient beliefs. One or all of the parts of the techniques can be used, but first you must make your combined incense and dressing powder base.

Spell Casting

Mix all the ingredients together in the bowl. For a dressing powder add a carrier such as powdered chalk or talcum powder which should be unscented. To use as incense leave it as it is, and burn it on a charcoal disc in a heatproof burner.

Light your incense Before you begin writing or filling in your forms smoke the paper on which you will write. This consists of wafting the required amount of paper or the application form in the incense smoke and asking a blessing for the process you are about to start.

You may wish to place a crystal on your desk to help in the writing or you could place it on or near your printer. You might use tigers eye for clearer thinking or tourmaline to attract goodwill. Be guided by your own intuition.

Once you have completed the forms or the writing you can dress each page individually. On the back of each page sprinkle the dressing powder Draw your four fingers through the powder in wavy lines from top to bottom so they leave very clear tracks. Leave for a few moments, then shake off the powder, all the while visualizing the success of your project.

Finally, you can leave the papers in front of the image of your chosen deity if you have one, or offer them for a blessing overnight When you have done this, you know that you have done as much as you can to ensure success as is humanly possible. It is literally now in the hands of the gods. Obviously, you will already have done or will be doing any necessary research into your project on a physical level.
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