A length of string


This spell is another representational one and is very simple to do. It pays homage to the art of knotting and makes use of your sacred space if you are able to leave your altar in place. Otherwise simply use a windowsill in broad sunlight or moonlight.

Spell Casting

Sit quietly with the piece of string and pour your wish into it. Try to have a clear picture in your mind of what you want.

Tie a knot in one end of the string and say: "With this knot the gods I implore Bring this (your desire) my way, for sure". Tie a knot in the other end and say: "With this knot I lock it in With thanks for the gift that it will bring".

Lay the string on a flat surface and fashion it into as close a picture of your material desire as you can. Leave it in place for at least three days.

When your wish has manifested, thank the gods either by giving something to charity or offering your skills to your local community.

This spell seems to work best if you actually need the object you are representing. The gods do not grant their favours without some effort on your part so use your gift wisely and well. Your relationship with the gods is always a two-way street.
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