A small bowl
Seven silver coins
A green candle and holder


This spell relies on the use of candles and takes about a week to perform. Before you begin, believe you have prosperity and that you have no money worries. Consider your attitude to money. You will probably find that the spell is best begun on a Friday.

Spell Casting

Place the bowl, the candle and its holder on a flat surface in your home, where it will be passed every day. For the next seven days put a coin in the bowl. After seven days, take the candle in your hands and imagine prosperity coming to you. Sense the opportunities that you will have with money. Be aware of the energy that has been given to money.

Place the candle in the holder. Pour the seven coins into your left hand. Draw a circle with your hand around the coins. Put the first coin right in front of the candle. As you place it, say these or similar words: "Money grow, make it mine Money flow, Moneys mine".

Place the other coins around the candle one by one and repeat the incantation. Finally light the candle and allow it to burn out. Leave the money in position for at least three days. It is better you do not spend this money if at all possible.

This spell is another one which is designed for long term security. Just as you built the energy very slowly, so the gains will build slowly too. A variation of this spell is to take a scallop shell which represents the Great Mother and place the coins in that, leaving them as an offering.
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