Legal Success


Your documents
Dressing powder
Unscented talcum or powdered chalk
Deer’s Tongue leaves
Calendula flowers
Ginger or cinnamon powder


This spell is based on ancient herb and folk magic. To influence the outcome of legal procedures, the associated papers are ‘dressed’ to give added power to any decisions that have to be made. The technique is very simple and, of course, can also be used in business proceedings, but in this case should probably be carried out away from the office.

Spell Casting

Combine the leaves, flowers and ginger or cinnamon powder in equal measures with the talcum or chalk. Place your documents on a flat surface and sprinkle them thoroughly with the mixture. Draw your finger nails through the powder in wavy lines from top to bottom. Concentrate as you do so on the desired outcome.

Leave the papers overnight then in the morning shake off the powder. This spell does not seem to work if there is any dishonesty or deliberate nefarious dealings on your part. However if you are completely above board it is possible to turn things in your favour.

Dressing papers can also be carried out if you have important exams or studying to do. This spell and Success in Finding a Job are by definition very similar. You simply need to know and understand your herbal correspondences.
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