Activating a Wish


Your chosen gift


It is easy to categorize the granting of wishes as a separate area of spell-making, but, depending on the offering you make, it could be classified as crystal, candle, herbal or symbolic. Timings and other correspondences can be according to your wish or need.

Spell Casting

Before you begin you will need to have given some thought to your wish. Be very specific in stating what you want otherwise you may get more than you bargained for. State your wish clearly and as briefly as possibly, addressing your deity or spirit by name or title if you can, for instance: "Pan and spirits of the woodland. Hear now my request I wish for health, love and happiness"

When you make your offering, be appropriate. For example: If your wish is for material goods or finance you could use a crystal or coin and bury it to signify the tangibility of your desire. If your wish has an emotional content then you might throw your offering into running water. If your wish is for knowledge or information then signify this by getting up to a high place and using the currents of air.

You might for instance choose to scatter some plant seeds to help restore the ecological balance. If choosing to use the Element of Fire outside then be responsible, use only dead wood and never place your fire close to plants or buildings. Repeat your wish three times.

This is so that any negative attached to your desire should have dropped away by the third request and by then you will also be more aware of your own feelings and whether you really want what you are asking for.

Making wishes is a quick way of making things happen within your everyday world, often without having to carry out a full-blown ceremony. As you get to know your own capabilities you will be able to take advantage of the moments which are presented to you.
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