Achieving a Dream Job


2 brown candles (to represent the job)
Green candle (for prosperity)
A candle to represent yourself
Prosperity incense such as cinnamon
Prosperity oil such as bergamot


Candles always work well when dealing with aims and aspirations. This spell introduces some of the techniques beloved of those who believe in using the Element of Fire, which represents drive. This particular spell is best begun on the night of a New Moon.

Spell Casting

Light your prosperity incense. Anoint the candles with the prosperity oil from wick to end, since you want the good things to come towards you. Place one of the brown candles in the centre of your chosen space. Place the green one on the right, with your personal candle on the left.(These candles should be in a safe place; they have to burn out entirely.)

As you light your personal candle, say: "Open the way, clear my sight. Bring me chance, that is my right". Light the green candle and say: "Good luck is mine and true victory, Help me Great Ones, come to me". Light the brown candle and say: "Openings, work, rewards I see, And as I will, So Must it Be". Leave the candles to burn out completely.

Each night for a week  or until the candle is used up - light the second brown candle for 9 minutes while contemplating the job and the good to come out of it. You need to identify exactly what you mean by a dream job. It is of little use aiming for something which is beyond your capabilities, though you might go for one initially which will begin to take you to where you want to be.
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