A-Magical Pomander


An orange with an oily skin
A nail or knitting needle
A good quantity of whole cloves
Cinnamon powder
Plastic bag
Ribbon Pins


As our knowledge of herbs and magic increases, we are able to use old-fashioned ideas and charming customs and perhaps return them to their original use. Pomanders, aromatic spheres that are prepared by studding oranges with cloves, have been used since medieval times in a practical way to keep bad smells at bay. Magically they can be used to attract money and for protection and - when they have lost their fragrance - as an offering through fire to the gods.

Spell Casting

Stud the orange with whole cloves complete with stems, bud side out. It is easier to insert the cloves if you poke a small hole first with the nail or knitting needle. Space the cloves evenly in a pattern that pleases you, leaving room to tie the ribbon.

The cloves will move closer together as theorange dries out. As you work keep your intent for the pomander in mind. Place the powdered cinnamon in the plastic bag, and shake the pomander inside the bag until it is well coated with the powder.

Leave in a warm place to dry out, which may take up to six weeks. Check frequently that the orange is not going mouldy, but try not to open the bag. Lastly, tie the ribbon around the pomander, fixing it securely with the pins. Hang the pomander where you can both see it and enjoy the fragrance.

When you come to dispose of the pomander, throw it into a fire. Say: "As I return this to its Element Sun, Jupiter, Venus I thank you for your help".

Made in this way the pomander can last up to a year before its fragrance completely fades. This pomander is multi purpose. All the components are ruled by the element of Fire and the relevant deities and planetary influences are Sun for the orange, Jupiter for the cloves and Venus for the cinnamon.

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