A-Case for Court


Several pieces of paper
Pen (all magically charged if possible)
Orange candle (for legal matters)
Fireproof dish


This spell should help you to obtain the verdict you wish for in a court case. It is simple to do and can also give you the confidence to face your ordeal with courage.

Spell Casting

  • Sit in a quiet space and light the candle.
  • Breathe deeply several times to help clear your mind.
  • Look at the issue from the perspectives of the other people involved (your opponents, the judge, jury and so on).
  • Try to think of all possible scenarios which might occur, being realistic in your assessments.
  • Write down each one on a single piece of paper.
  • See yourself handling each scenario calmly and factually.
  • Concentrating on the candle flame, call on your own favourite pantheon of gods and ask for right action. You might for example petition the Egyptian goddess Ma’at, Themis the Greek goddess, or Forseti the Norse god.
  • Ask that there will be clarity, honesty and justice in the situation.
  • Take a brief look at each of the scenarios again and write down any new ones which then come to mind.
  • Now choose the outcome you most desire and put that piece of paper under the candle while it burns out.
  • Take the rest of the papers and cut them up into small pieces.
  • Set light to them in the fireproof dish by first lighting one piece from the candle.
  • When these have burnt out, flush them away under the tap or blow them to the four winds.
  • When you go to court, take the paper with your desired result, put it in your pocket, and when you find yourself in difficulties hold the paper unobtrusively in your hand to give you courage.
  • This spell does not automatically ensure that you will win your case, particularly if there is dishonesty involved. Remember that you are asking for justice, which may involve some kind of penance or penalty on your part.

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