To Remove Obstacles


Yellow candle
Red candle
Your favourite flowers
Sandalwood incense
Figure of Ganesha or of an elephant
Cooked rice
Pen and paper


In this spell Ganesha, the Hindu elephant- headed god, is invoked to ensure the success of any difficult task and to grant wishes. Because he represents a combination of strength and- shrewdness, he is able to get rid of the most intimidating of barriers. The spell can be adjusted to encompass all sorts of life decisions

Spell Casting

Light the incense and place the flowers and the rice in front of the figure. With your hands together and fingertips pointing to your forehead, bow to the statue and say:

"Greetings, Ganesha.
Welcome to my sacred space
With your help, all success shall be mine.
I come to you, knowing you will grant my wishes
All impediments are removed.
I honour your presence,
Good fortune be with you and with me and mine.
I praise you Ganesha!"

Light the candles and tell Ganesha what you most desire. Now commit your wishes to paper and place -the paper under the statue. Say:

"God of wisdom, God of strength
Loving bringer of success
Take now these wishes of mine.
Mould them, shape them, work them
Till together we can bring them to fruition".

Bow as before and put the candles out. Repeat for the two following days, finally -letting the candles burn themselves out. Afterwards, do not disturb the statue for three -days and never ask for the same thing twice.

Before long, a new way will be shown to enable you-to achieve your objective. Give thanks by sharing-your good fortune with others and making a further-offering to Ganesha who appreciates effort made.
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