Protection ( Mars Water)


Iron nails or filings
Large jar with lid
Enough water to cover the nails


Water charged with iron was at one time considered to be a healing potion, creating a way of treating anaemia. Today it is considered to be more of a protective device and, when under attack, to enable you to send a curse or hex back where it belongs.

Spell Casting

Put the nails or filings in the jar and cover them with water. Close the jar and leave undisturbed until rust begins to form. The jar can be opened occasionally to check on its condition, which helps the formation of rust. This should take about seven to ten days.

After this time the jar may be shaken and the water then strained and used as appropriate. Keep adding water as necessary to the jar thereafter to maintain its potency. You should not need to renew the nails unless the concoction begins to develop mould, in-which case throw everything out and start-again.

When using the water you may like to give acknowledgement to Mars by using a form of -words such as: "Mars, God of War protect me now as I (state task)"

You can use some of the water in your ritual bath or- to cleanse and empower your hands before an-important event. A business situation which-required you to be more than usually aggressive-might need a crystal charged in Mars water to make-it especially powerful.
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