Radiant Health


Coriander seeds
A small muslin bag


This spell uses invocation to enable a person to attain and maintain radiant and perpetual health. You can enhance the energy by finding an open space, free of pollution. and using sunlight, moonlight, wind or rain as part of the process. Sunday is an ideal day to perform this spell as this is the day that health matters are highlighted.

Spell Casting

In your sacred space or the open space, first-sense your own aura - your subtle energies -which make you unique. Hold your hands over your heart area and -then move them down to just below your-solar plexus. You should sense a change in energy in your hands.

This is the point in your body sometimes -called the point of power, the place where -your life energy resides. Now, facing the east with your arms spread -wide and the palms of your hands upwards, say the following:

"Great God of the Heavens, and Lord of All Power,
Grant me the right to feel and perceive
the true life force that is mine,
So that I may have everlasting well being.
Grant me, O Great God, this favour".

Now run your hands around your body from top to toe in a sweeping motion, not quite touching your body. Raise your arms again and visualize the Universal healing energy sweeping towards you as you repeat the incantation above.

Take a deep breath, visualizing and feeling the energy being drawn in and down to the -solar plexus. As you slowly exhale, see the energy travelling to your extremities and filling you -with power and healing. Do this at least three times or for up to fifteen -minutes at a time.

Place your hands on your point of power and repeat the incantation a third time, this time-sensing the energy settling into your point of power. If you are in an open space become aware of -the power of sunlight, moonlight, wind or rain. Finally take a ritual bath into which you have -put the coriander seeds.


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