To Clear Evil Intent


Length of string


This spell can be used if you suspect that somebody is directing unhelpful energy towards you which is making you sick. Words have particular force, so in expressing your feelings forcibly as in line 2 of the incantation, you are turning the energy back on the perpetrator.

Spell Casting

Tie a knot in the string. Place it in the bottle and bury it in earth. After three days dig it up. Put the bottle on the floor or ground and say:

"A curse on me you buried deep
To make me sick, you nasty creep.
I placed a knot into this twine
And so your work was worked in vain" 

Shatter the bottle, carefully pick up the string and undo the knot; the original curse is now invalid. Dispose of the bottle remains in any way that you feel is appropriate. Burn the cord and blow the ashes to the wind.

In some ways this could be called a protection spell,but since the curse could cause you to be ill this spell guards your well being. The curse is transferred by the  power of your spell to the cord, which is then disposed of by burning. The assumption is that your magic is-stronger than the person who has wished you ill.
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