Purifying Emotions


White candle
Bowl of water
Bowl of salt
Dried herbs (such as sage for wisdom)
Vessel in which the herbs can be burned


This spell is one that helps you to release negativity and distress that may build up when you do not feel that you are in control of your life. It uses the four Elements to do this and may be performed on any evening during a Waning Moon. It has been kept deliberately simple so that you can spend more time in learning how to make your emotions work for you rather than letting them overwhelm you.

Spell Casting

Stand in your sacred space, light the candle and say: "I call upon the Elements in this simple ceremony that I may be cleansed from the contamination of negativity". 

Wave your hand quickly over or through the flame and say: "I willingly release negative action in my fire". 

Rub the salt on your hands and say: "I release stumbling blocks and obstacles in my earth". 

Put the herbs in the container and light them. Wave the smoke in front of you, inhale the perfume as it burns and say: "I clear my air of unwise thoughts". 

Dip your hands in the water and say: "I purify this water. Let this relinquishing be gentle. Purified, cleansed and released in all ways, I now acknowledge my trust and faith in my own clarity". 

Spend a little time thinking about the next few weeks to come. Recognize that there may be times when you need the clarity you have just requested. Now dispose of the ingredients immediately in the following way:

Put the salt in with the ashes then pour the -water on the ground so that it mingles with -the ashes and salt. It is often helpful to find some sort of ceremonial way  of releasing energy which enables you to let go of an old situation which is still troubling you. A good-time to do this is just before a New Moon, so that you-can begin a fresh cycle with renewed vigour. 

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