Self Image


At least one pink candle
A handheld mirror
Love oil


In many ways this spell is one which is about loving yourself, hence the use of pink candles and love oil. In the use of incantation you are making a link with the principle of beauty and with the Goddess of Beauty in one of her many forms.

Spell Casting

Dress the candle(s) with the love oil, working towards you since you want to feel differently about yourself. Have in mind your ideal qualities of beauty as you do so. Light the candles and stare deeply into the mirror.

See first the person you are now. Visualize the change you want. Then see the person you would like to be. Recite this incantation out loud:

"Sacred flame as you dance
Call upon my sacred glance.
Call upon my better self,
Give me (your request)

Blessed flame shining brightly,
Bring about the changes nightly
Give me now my second chance
My beauty and glamour please enhance"

You can now snuff out the candle and relight it the next night, burning it for at least an hour. Repeat the incantation at least three times. The power of visualization is a very strong tool. Each of us has an inner beauty which if we work with it is a tremendous help in daily life. Once we are prepared to recognize it, it becomes evident to others. This spell accomplishes that recognition.
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